Case Law, Australia: “Facebook” defamation damages awarded
13-02-2015, 16:38  / ნანახია: 2004

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Case Law, Australia: Dabrowski v Greeuw, “Facebook” defamation damages awarded against estranged wife.


"In the case of Dabrowski v Greeuw ([2014] WADC 175), the District Court of Western Australia awarded a husband defamation damages of Aus$12,500 against his estranged wife as a result of a defamatory post on Facebook.


The plaintiff, Miro Dabrowski, is a schoolteacher and brought the proceedings against his estranged wife, Robyn Greeuw."


"This case is yet another illustration of the need for care when making postings on social media. A Facebook post is a publication which can, potentially, reach large numbers of readers and cause serious damage to someone’s reputation. There is, from the point of view of legal principle, no difference between defamatory publication on social media and defamatory publication in the mainstream media.


The allegation made by the defendant in this case was a serious one. The defence of “truth” failed. As a result, despite the fact that the post could only be shown to have been published to a relatively small number of individuals it attracted a substantial award of damages."

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